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DraftSight® helps users create new drawings and access existing DWG files with a powerful design solution that meets their 2D CAD needs.

For students, educators, hobbyists and others who need a straightforward 2D CAD product, DraftSight provides many useful tools to fulfill their essential drafting and documentation needs:

• Draw tools to create basic elements such as lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses, tables, hatches and clouds.

• Modify tools to perform move, copy, rotate, mirror, pattern, scale, trim, chamfer and split.

• Dimensioning tools to measure distances between objects.

• Layer tools to organize a drawing.

• Blocks to combine a collection of entities together into a single named object.

• Attach a drawing to add an external reference to the current drawing.

• Print to output a drawing to a plotter, printer or file.

• SVG scalable icons to support high-resolution (4K) displays

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